Spid the spider

Hiya, I'm Spid. Spid the Spider.

I am a decent, honest hardworking spider who loves to write songs, and wants to better myself, though things often don't go as I hope. But when that happens I dust myself down and keep trying ...


I live in a house at the top of a hill in Spider Webdon.

It is home sweet home where I love reading newspapers and listening to music called Spid Rap; music that tells you about my adventures. I also write and sing songs as well, you know.

heart heart2

Meet my girlfriend who is called Bid.

She likes me and I like her. One day we might get married, but at the moment, I cannot afford to do so!

My favourite way to relax is to go to McSpid's.

I enjoy a Waspburger and French flies, or perhaps a Stick Insect salad with a glass of Spider Cider. But do not let me have an Arachno-Cola as that gives me a very bad tummy!

Join me on my exciting adventures ...

My stories are designed for children aged 4-10 years. They are great fun to read at bedtime. Enjoy reading them together and inspire your kids to have a go too You'll get to meet my cousins and friends, get to go to lots of exciting places, sing songs and do lots of fun things. You'll also find even more fun children's activities to help your children learn to read, grow and succeed just like me ;-)

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