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With imaginative wordplay, Spid the Spider’s children’s books enable you to invest lots of dramatic licence when reading to, and with, your children. As a result, they are fun bedtime or daytime reading. They help you engage your children, as well as help them learn to read. With humour ranging from slapstick to more sophisticated, they are also fun to read and time and time again. All stories contain themes and teach valuable life lessons such as the importance of determination, and also the ability to better oneself. As a result, Spid’s stories empower them with what psychologists call a ‘growth mindset’. They also help them grow and succeed in life.

The books are for children 4-10 years old. Those at the younger end learn from listening to you read, and those 6+ years and above learn to read themselves. Choose to read the paperback or EPUB formats or to stream and listen to the audiobooks. So you can read or listen at home or on the go whenever your wish!

Spid sings two songs in each book

Spid’s songs add an interactive dimension to the stories, and further engage children, enabling them to sing and dance along. To hear the songs just scan the QR codes in the paperbacks with your smartphone or click the link in the eBooks. The songs also feature in the audiobooks narrated by Angus Scott. Find them at good audiobook stores such as Amazon Audible as well as Spid’s book and music store.

Choose from eleven Spid the Spider books!

• Spid the Spider Has a Day Off
• Spid the Spider Battles a Pandemic
• Spid the Spider Goes to the Moon
• Spid the Spider Visits the Seven Wonders of the World
• Spid the Spider Gets Spooked at Halloween
• Spid the Spider Helps Out at Spidmas
• Spid the Spider Welcomes in the New Year
• Spid the Spider Plans a Birthday Surprise
• Spid the Spider Goes on Holiday
• Spid the Spider Helps Save the Planet
• Spid the Spider Investigates a Mystery at Easter

New Spid the Spider children’s book coming soon!

• Spid the Spider Joins Sir Francis Duck and His Pirates publishes July 7th 2024. It is a thrilling adventure on the high seas. And with lots of twists and turns!

All books are supported fun activities to do with your child

Our fun children’s activities supplement and go beyond the content of the books. They help parents and teachers entertain their child, and also boost their reading and learning experience!

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