Thus far John Eaton has written three English and Ukrainian music albums to support the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal.  Songs that will make you think, shout, laugh and weep. They feature a variety of amazing artists and cover a wide range of genres including folk, pop, rock and ballads.  Listen to John being interviewed about the albums on Apple FM. The interview by Steve Philips on his Music Machine Show also features three songs from his Under Ukrainian Skies’ album; Cold Cold Heart (Feat. Tally Kord), Under Ukrainian Skies (Feat. Chelsee) and Kraken (Feat. Leandro Bastos).

Julia’s Story

Julia Vasina illustrates John’s Spid the Spider books. She is a Ukrainian national living to the south of Kharkiv. Julia translated the English lyrics into Ukrainian and her story, ‘Julia’s Story’ is the opening track on the album. The song is true to Julia’s words, and thus has no choruses. In Julia’s story, she explains how she fled her home following the Russian attacks in order to move her family to a safer place. After fleeing with her son to Poland she has now returned to Ukraine. Meanwhile her husband continues to fight for their land and freedom. Julia just wants the war to be over, and everything to return to normal.

‘For Julia and Ukraine’ is an album of 14 songs

‘For Julia and Ukraine’ is a music album of fourteen songs celebrating the stoicism and heroism of the Ukrainian people and questioning the causes and motivations behind Putin’s war.  John wrote the song lyrics,  and the music for all but one track, are by Pete Dymond.  John Eaton hopes the songs will move you and help fuel a better world. As he says in the song ‘Brothers’, ‘It only takes a storm to change the weather’. The album is available in English and Ukrainian.

For Julia and Ukraine album cover

Buy ‘For Julia and Ukraine’ (£9.99)

It is available from this website as an English and Ukrainian double CD and English digital download. You can also stream or buy the English or Ukrainian digital versions on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Under Ukrainian Skies

‘Under Ukrainian Skies’ is John’s second English and Ukrainian music album. It comprise thirteen songs. Many tell the story of the war. They also spotlight the travesties of Putin’s campaign, and echo the changing mood. Five of songs are also written in a ‘Eurovision’ style reflecting Ukraine’s 2022 Eurovision win, and subsequent contest hosting in Liverpool.

Under Ukrainain Skies Album Cover

Buy ‘Under Ukrainian Skies’ (£9.99)

Tomorrow Begins Today

‘Tomorrow Begins today’ is John’s third album. It features a range on amazing international artists and is the most eclectic yet. It provides insights on the prevailing political issues and heralds the Ukrainian fightback.

Tomorrow Begins Today Front CoverBuy ‘Tomorrow Begins Today’ (£9.99)

Somerset for Ukraine

John has also set up a Facebook group called ‘Somerset for Ukraine’ so that people can show their support to Ukraine during the conflict.  Please join us.

“Julia regularly corresponds with me and she is very grateful for all the support she receives. “She was overwhelmed by the messages of support from the Somerset people”.

Julia started illustrating Spid the Spider books in September 2021. Mr Eaton said, “we were very busy with illustration and needed more support”. He explained that with today’s technology, people can also work remotely and Julia “is now the main illustrator”.


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