Spid’s adventures help children aged 4-10 years

Written by author John Eaton, Spid the Spider’s hilarious misadventures help children learn to read, grow and succeed in life.

His adventures provide lots of giggles for mums and dads too. With imaginative wordplay, they allow you to invest lots of dramatic licence when reading to, and with, your children. This makes bedtime reading great fun, and having fun is what motivates children to read.

Coming from a lowly background, Spid is a determined arachnid who learns from his mistakes and wants to better himself. So he role models what psychologists call a ‘growth mindset’.  Thus he helps teach the benefits of drive and determination.

All of Spid’s books are also supported by lots of free and fun children’s activities.  These further help parents and teachers entertain and help children to read, grow and succeed in life.

There are twelve Spid the Spider books to enjoy!

All books are available in paperback, audiobook and EPUB formats. So you can enjoy them on tablets, E readers, PCs, streaming and in-car devices – at home, on holiday or on the go! They are all available from good bookshops and streaming services as well as Spid’s children’s book and music store.

Spid’s next adventure is Spid the Spider Joins Sir Francis Duck and His PiratesIt is a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas! It is out on July 7th.

Spid’s stories are illustrated by Melissa Shephard and Julia Vasina. Their colourful illustrations breathe extra life and fun into the stories.

All books include two songs

Each story features two songs, thus enabling children to further engage with the stories and sing-along. To listen to musical versions of the songs, just scan the QR codes in the books. Alternatively, listen to the songs on Spid’s albums, We’re Having Fun and The Fun Goes On. Or stream or buy the songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and other good music services.

Spid’s stories are illustrated by Melissa Shephard and Julia Vasina. Their colourful illustrations breathe extra life and humour into the stories.

Written by author John Eaton

John lives and works in Taunton, Somerset.  John started writing in the middle of the lock-down as a means of staying sane, keeping in touch, and building relationships with his granddaughter Evaleigh. He has always had an affinity with the English language, and space and time provided the opportunity to create. He is passionate about helping children learn to read and love of the English language.

Some of the themes in Spid’s books mirror John’s own life. When he left school, he did not know what, if anything, he would be good at. Being one of eight children and growing up on a council estate he did not aspire to higher purpose.

Though working in a psychiatric hospital, as a Mental Health Nurse (RMN) and Registered General Nurse (RGN) led him overseas. Then to establish a successful healthcare training business and care home in Somerset. The people, punishment, pathos, and humorous proclamations encountered in his day job inspire his writing!

John writes Spid’s adventures to help children to learn to read, grow and make the most of themselves. And with humour that ranges from slapstick to more sophisticated wordplay, you’ll enjoy reading them time and time again.

Thus far John has also written twelve Spid the Spider children’s adventures, a book of poetry, or what he calls ‘proetry’. Thoughts from a Faraway Place. John has also written over 120 songs. Mostly with Pete Dymond (who has worked with greats such as Sir Paul McCartney, David Essex and Mickie Most).

Read more about Julia and how John is Supporting the Ukraine Relief Effort by publishing albums of songs in English and Ukrainian.


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