‘Tomorrow Begins Today’ – new album out on the 9th of October!

‘Tomorrow Begins Today’ is an album of twelve eclectic songs commenting on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, supporting the Ukrainian people, and contributing to the restoration of their country (via the DEC Appeal). These songs challenge both the senses and minds as they spotlight the pain, travesty (and sometimes hilarity) of Putin’s campaign. The tracks include ‘Damn You’, a heart-felt take on the blowing up of the Nova Kakhovka Dam to ‘Fox in the Chicken Coup’, a satirical take on Yevgeny Prigozhin’s march to Moscow.

What does ‘Tomorrow Begins Today’ mean? To have a prosperous tomorrow, we all need to work on it today and not simply sit back and trust luck. ‘Today’ and ‘tomorrow’ refer, of course, to the present and the future. It is fitting that the release of the album coincides with what appears a significant Ukrainian break-through of the Russian defences. As the Ukrainian counter-offensive progresses, more optimistic songs also foreshadow the future. The album launches on Monday 9th October 2023.

The song lyrics are by John Eaton and this is his third collection supporting the DEC Ukraine appeal. The music is written by twelve amazing artists who sing the songs in either or both English and Ukrainian: Roxiie Reece (USA), Surya Vgaur (India), Leandro Bastos (Germany), Guillaume (France), Pete Dymond (UK), and Ukrainians: Anna Kipyatkova, Jenny Saba, Malik Memetov, Max Rayvan, Alex Breezer, Volodymyr and Vladyslava.

Buy the English and Ukrainian double CD of Tomorrow Begins on the Spid the Spider Store (£9.99).

From 9th October both the English and Ukrainian versions will be available to download and stream via Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, all major streaming services and spidthespider.com. The double CD will be available from spidthespider.com. 

All proceeds go to the DEC (Ukraine) appeal.

Tomorrow Begins Today Album Artwork


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