‘Under Ukrainian Skies’ – new album out now!

‘Under Ukrainian Skies’ is a second collaboration between John Eaton and Pete Dymond. It features thirteen amazing tracks by thirteen amazing singers. All celebrate the beauty, hope, and suffrage of Ukraine and its people. It will take you places you have never been. Since the first Ukrainian album, For Julia and Ukraine was released in September 2022, the tone of the invasion has shifted with Putin losing his grip. Further, Ukraine won the 2022 Eurovision song contest and is shortly due to host in Liverpool.

As song writer John Eaton says, “I felt an inflection point, allowing more positivity in the songs, and offering more hope and confidence while retaining a hint of foreboding. We hope for a speedy and just settlement to allow Ukraine to prosper. But when you look at history, I pose a difficult question: “Is it all Putin’s fault?” The answer is “Yes, it is, but …””

Buy the English and Ukrainian double CD of Under Ukrainian Skies  on this website (£9.99).

Or stream or buy the English and Ukrainian digital versions on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

All proceeds go to the DEC (Ukraine) appeal which has thus far raised over £400m.

Under Ukrainain Skies Album Cover



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