Spid the Spider’s children’s books are full of giggles!

With imaginative wordplay, Spid the Spider’s children’s books allow parents and carers to invest lots of dramatic licence when reading to, and with, their children. As a result, this helps grab children’s attention and inspire. With humour ranging from slapstick to more sophisticated, they are also hilarious to read, and time and time again. The stories also help children learn valuable life lessons such as the importance of determination, and ability to better themselves. This is what psychologists call a ‘growth mindset’.  Each story also includes at least two songs. QR codes also take readers to musical versions of the songs to allow you to sing and dance-along!

The books are brilliant for 5-8 year old children, and are available in paperback, audiobook and EPUB formats. So you can enjoy them in your hand, on tablets, E readers, PCs, streaming and in-car devices – at home, on holiday or on the go!  Click on the books to read some of the reviews.

Spid’s first seven stories Spid the Spider Has a Day Off, Spid the Spider Battles a PandemicSpid the Spider Goes to the MoonSpid the Spider Visits the Seven Wonders of the World, Spid the Spider Gets Spooked at Halloween, Spid the Spider Helps out at Spidmas and Spid the Spider Welcomes in the New Year are all out now! Spid’s next adventure, Spid the Spider Plans a Birthday Surprise publishes on the 3rd of April 2023.

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You can also listen to Spid’s debut album ‘We’re Having Fun’, his next album, ‘The Fun Goes On’ is available soon.

It features songs from his first five books. For a sneak listen to some of the tracks, go to Spid sings, or watch his sing-along videos.  The songs are also included in the audiobooks and can be purchased or streamed individually from all good music services.


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