Spid The Spider Face Mask


Spid the Spider face mask for kids. Easy-to-wash fabric. All profits go to Oxford’s coronavirus research.



Spid the Spider face mask for kids.

All profits from our Spid the Spider face mask go to the University of Oxford’s coronavirus research.  Spid does not want to profit from sales so we just charge for the costs of materials and postage.

The cost to buy the mask and post it to you is roughly £4; the rest goes to Oxford’s coronavirus research. So, if we sell 100 face masks we earn at least £100 for the research, and then we buy some more. So Spidlings, put your money where your mouth is, buy a Spid the Spider mask and stay safe!  Thus far, some £500 has been raised. So thankyou for your support, and we’ll update in due course.

For more information and ideas to help childen stay safe from colds and flu, check out our fun children’s activities.


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